A yarn shopping assistant, available wherever you need it. Now Available for iOS 7.

Shop Confidently.

Skein takes the guesswork out of shopping for yarn by providing you with quick access to Ravelry's wealth of information with a few quick taps.

Check the dye lot of a yarn in your stash, make a shopping list, or take notes for later. Planning a trip? Use Skein to tap into Ravelry's database of local shops to plan your yarn tourism, or find a shop once you arrive.

Skein makes yarn shopping even more fun.

Take Note.

Use the notepad to jot things down or snap a picture of a yarn label. No more forgotten colorways, yarn weights, or yardages.

Just The Facts.

Quickly refer to your stash to see what you already have, and decide what you might want. Need to look up a yarn you don't already own? Skein has you covered: it's just as easy to search Ravelry's entire yarn database.

Notional Know-How.

Wondering if you should grab certain needles or hooks? We've got your collection of those, too. You can refer to your collection instantly and buy just what you need.

Find Local Shops.

Skein makes it easy to shop for yarn wherever you are. Use the map to find nearby yarn stores, or to search by location and plan a trip.